The Best Themes For Bingo

 Are you aware that people have been playing Bingo since the year 1530?

Bingo game has many names in different parts of the world, but it continues to be a favourite among all. The game is simple, and most importantly, it is loved by all. Age is just a number! The whole family can get together and play Bingo. How about adding some fun element to the game? We have jotted down the best themes for Bingo – just for our readers.

The next time you throw a Bingo party at home, make sure you utilize the theme ideas mentioned below.

Let’s dive right into the topic!

1. Halloween Bingo For The Spooky Night

For starters, you need to create Bingo cards on your own. Printable Halloween Bingo cards are available too. But, it is fun to create one on your own. Instead of having plain numbers, you can add an image to the number. For example, you have written numbers from 1 to 30. Assign an image to each of the numbers. #1 could be a pumpkin, #2 could be a coffin, and #3 can be a coffin. Similarly, you can assign images to each of the numbers. Pick a number from the card and say it out loud. The players will mark off the number and the image once it has been called out.

2. Santa Claus Is Coming To BINGO Town 

Just like there were images of spooky characters on the Halloween bingo card, you can add characters from Christmas on this one. You can assign different characters to different numbers. #1 can be Rudolph the Red nose reindeer, and #2 can be Gingerbread man. Playing Bingo on Christmas Eve would be super fun! It is one of the best themes for Bingo.

For prizes, you can choose something holiday-themed. The person who first says BINGO wins a Christmas tree or a dinner for two for New Year’s Eve.

3. Strawberry Daiquiri Bingo

Have you heard about the Strawberry Daiquiri Bingo night? If all the players are adults, they can indulge in a boozy game that involves Strawberry Daiquiri.

Prep up some delicious drinks and start the game. Make sure the Bingo cards go with the theme of the night. Here’s another plan: you could write down the names of different cocktails. Instead of calling out number, you can call out names of drinks. When you call out, ‘SEX ON THE BEACH’, whoever has it on their card will mark off the image. The next drink could be COSMOPOLITAN. So, the card will have drinks images instead of mere numbers.

4. Playing Human

Human Bingo is fun to play! Ideally, you can play it with your kids too. Create a DIY Bingo card and fill it with a characteristic (instead of numbers). You can list out characteristics such as funny, wise, punctual, kind, jovial, or any positive trait. You could also write things like ‘favourite colour: pink’ or has gotten in trouble after getting drunk. Each of the participants will find out who likes pink or has gotten in trouble. They will write the name of the person in the box. Whoever completes five squares in a go wins!

Concluding Thoughts

So, we hope you would use these ideas to make the Bingo night fun! Don’t play regular Bingo – add some fun element to it. You could also use other holiday themes to make it interesting.

Apart from Halloween and Christmas, you could also opt for food theme. Use M&Ms to mark off the numbers/images on the Bingo card.

Life is too short for boredom. Make the game spicy and intriguing! Use one of the best themes for Bingo and don’t forget to add some theme-centric prizes.